Official Eternity Warriors 3 Launch Trailer

Official Eternity Warriors 3 Launch Trailer


Warrior Edit

Born in the Northern Highlands of Udar, the Warrior has been molded since birth to be an unrelenting force in battle. With unmatched courage, he has spent a lifetime fighting all manner of evil.

The warriors weapon of choice is a giant double handed sword, they also have a unique ability "block" which repels an attack taking no damage and gives an instant counter attack if used at the right time, if not it reduces the attack damage by half.

Monk Edit

Raised in a monastery in Pom'Lai, the monk has been trained to cultivate his eternal energies for use in battle. His blue skin is said to be a result of demonic ancestry.

Monks use fist type weapons and are the only character that had the ability "dodge" when used the character can quickly move away from an incoming attack, the direction of the move is controllable.

Mage Edit

Elves are rarely seen in the lands of Udar, though they are spoke of often in legend. While slim and fragile in appearance, all have heard tales of the awesome powers they hide within.

Mages use staff weapons and have the unique ability teleporting to dodge attacks and if done at the right time also slows down time.

Mages can only be unlocked as playable after completion of "The Ivar Mountains".